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    Fireline Thread - 4LB (0.06mm) - Crystal - 50 Yards (46m)
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    Essentials, Beading Needles - size 10/13

Fireline is a pre-waxed thread consisting of gel-spun polyethylene, the strongest fibre known.
It is resistant to very high tensile strength and it is the most recommended thread for beadwork, as can ensure the durability and resilient of the beaded pieces.

Very useful thread to work with both bead loom and needle beadwork.

It is available in different colours and sizes. The crystal Fireline is ideal for disguising the thread within your beadwork. The 0.005 diameter is suitable for needle size 13 or bigger.

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FireLine Thread - 4LB (0.005) - Smoke -15 Yards (13m)

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